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Company Values:  Empowering women is our motto for Crystalline Rose. We believe that our audience should never doubt the feeling of self-confidence and should not fit the stereotypical norms of being a woman.

Target Audience: The company especially wants to reach out to women that are the ages of 16 and 30 because we feel they are the most receptive to feeling empowerment.

Deliverables: Logo, Instagram Template Pack, 2 Label Designs, Email Design, and Website Design

Project Type: Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, and Digital Design

Date Completed:  Fall 2022

Crystalline Rose Logo

Crystalline Rose Instagram Template Pack

Crystalline Rose: Rose Collection
Red Rose Beauty Serum

Crystalline Rose: Rose Collection
Red Rose Body Scrub

Crystalline Rose Email Design

Crystalline Rose Website

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