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Corner Store Sign Mockup.jpg


Company Values:  The brand is about subverting the expectations
you might find in the average ice cream shop. The goal is to bring a
new sense of mystery to the ice cream brand. To be surprised—
expecting to see something new, mysterious, and exciting. The goal
is to show that ice cream is for everyone.

Target Audience:  Young adults, mainly social media influencers.
The objective is to lure them in with our more exciting flavor range.

Deliverables: Logo, Business Card, Flyer, Menu, and
Unisex Cap and T-shirt.

Class:  Brainnest Graphic Design Training Program

Project Type: Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, and Digital Design

Date Completed:  Summer 2022


Man Holding Business Card

Pics 4 Portfolio7.jpg
Pics 4 Portfolio8.jpg

Business Card Design (Front and Back)


Woman Holding Flyer

Pics 4 Portfolio6.jpg
Pics 4 Portfolio5.jpg

Flyer Design (Front and Back)

mockup-of-a-woman-about-to-open-a-booklet-while-sitting-down-in-a-wooden-desk-a14647 copy.

Woman about to Open Menu

Marco Indigo Menu

Marco Indigo Cap and T-shirt

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